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Ten lovely ladies (BG)
All ended so: he long looked out the window,
Then went up to the wall and put on a coat.
And went out to where the snow and night,
And sat in the tram – to leave away,
To where there are
Ten lovely ladies.
Hostess after yawning gave to him a palm,
Said, "Ever again, come on our fire."
And the guests were sitting at the table
And with decorum were sucking tea with shit,
And drank for health of lovely ladies.
And he went out away – where? He and himself didn't know.
After dialing seven digits, he was freezing, echoing in a song of hooters. 
But telephone handsets no one have lifted up,
He was alone, and the world was small
But still it hid
Ten lovely ladies.
And at home was waiting for him stagnant smoke,
And ten sheets, faithful his poems.
And believe don't believe, but ten loveliest ladies
Waited for the bell into their door, his a bell;
Ten lovely ladies.
I had finished writing and also stood up by the window,
Where is visible wall and once more wall.
And a long time stood and blue smoke
Ate to me eyes, but I was with him
And was drinking to the bottom the health of ten lovely,
Of ten lovely ladies.

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