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Blues of a simple man (bonus track) BG
(Concert in Leningrad, June 1982)
Yesterday I was walking home – around was a spring.
I met him on the corner, and in him I didn't understand nothing.
He asked, "To be or not to be?"
And I said, "Go you on...!"
All of we run to a storehouse, hardly after opening eyes.
To someone port wine is nice, to someone grass is nicer.
You drink your small double
And say the words.
Let someone hews the wood, I will gather firewood;
Let to me they give one, I'll take away all two;
I'll take the tops and roots –
Take yourself words.
You howl like a wolf;
You moan like an owl;
You scour like a lynx –
You want know your rights;
Words, words, and again the words;
To someone are important words; to others head is more important.

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