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My Friend Musician (BG)
My friend musician
Knows a mass of fun things;
My friend musician
Is not similar to ordinary people.
He builds a chord
From what he sees around,
And he says
That it's the divine sound.
I've heard that he's devilishly not bad,
That when he's not drunk, he plays as a god.
And, a simple soul, I look, not breathing,
How with inspiration he fills a glass
My friend musician…
My friend musician,
He's only waiting for the right day
To take his bow
And play something for me.
And our whole world
Will wither then on the vine
And if not,
Then the world – is such a pig;
But today is on rarity a pensive day,
And yesterday was the rain, playing was lazy.
Probably, tomorrow; yes, tomorrow for sure;
In the glory of music,
Today we'll begin from cognac…

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